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FGA is proud to present FastCash, our Claims Pre-Payment Program. Working with tight cash flows is one of the main challenges of running a medical office, or any business that invoices medical insurance claims. This problem is increasingly common because three trends are happening at the same time:

1. Insurance payment amounts are decreasing

2. Payment times are increasing

3. Operational costs are increasing due to higher patient volume

This challenge has put many medical providers in a difficult position. They need to manage heavy patient loads and difficult cash flows in order to be successful. As a result, most medical companies need to use some form of financing to operate.

Get your hard earned money Fast!

FGA is a premier Claims Pre-Payment company focused only on the healthcare industry. We provide reliable and fast recurring Pre-Payment solutions through the unique integration of our proprietary electronic transaction and revenue cycle management platforms. The amount your business is able to receive is based on your historic net claim value of the payer’s claims to be pre-paid. By understanding the payer history of the claims to be pre-paid we can offer larger pre-payment parentages with a lower cost of capital than other pre-payment lenders.

Basically you assign your claims to FGA in batches, usually weekly. FGA Pre-Pays a percentage of the batch of claims and holds the claims as a unique batch until payment is received or maturity. The transaction settles when the payer pays the claims related to that batch up to the percentage pre-paid!

All FastCash Claims Pre-Payments will be electronically transferred and available in your bank account every Monday morning. The Pre-Payment each week is based on enrolled Payers’ claims processed through our clearinghouse platform from the previous week.

Generally the transactions work as follows:

1. You submit your claims to our clearinghouse.

2. FGA turns the total weekly submitted claims into a batch and advances you the predetermined net proceeds of the batch of claims.

3. The claims within the batch are paid within 15-85 Days.

4. We rebate the remaining reserve balance, less the fee.

Rather than you paying a fixed weekly or monthly amount, repayment occurs as a result of the claims eventually being paid by the payer.