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ClaimsTrac is an easy-to-use web-based claims tracking feature that works in conjunction with the KeyClaims/Claims2Cash process and the ClaimsTrac ERA Payment Monitor. It allows any healthcare Provider to track and timely follow-up on all outstanding claims being tracked in ClaimsTrac.

How ClaimsTrac works:

• Once a claim is processed through the KeyClaims/Claims2Cash platform, a claim record is created in ClaimsTrac.

• As claims are processed by the payer an ERA is received by the ClaimsTrac ERA Payment Monitor.

• ClaimsTrac electronically posts all ERA’s received by the ClaimsTrac ERA Payment Monitor.

• If payments are received by check with a hardcopy remittance the Provider as the ability to post these payments manually into ClaimsTrac.

• ClaimsTrac allows you to view unpaid claims or generate a Claim Balance Report to easily identify claims needing follow-up.


• Ability to generate reports that are Payer specific

• Create outstanding Claim Aging Reports

• Generate outstanding claim reports by specific submission dates and payment through dates

• Transfer or Adjust Patient balances

• Manual claim or payment entry capabilities, if necessary


• Automatically posts ERA’s without Provider involvement

• Elimination of manual data entry

• Automation that saves time and reduces errors

• Free up internal resources to focus on outstanding claim issues

• ClaimsTrac posts and stores claim denial reason for speedier follow-up

• Enhances cash flow